Live Room

Our large live room is 23x27x15ft in dimensions connecting to an open long hallway and so offers a huge palet for recording technique. In addition to this we have hand built a great many mobile standing sound baffles which not only absorb but also diffuse and reflect which means flexibility and creativity in natural sound design on any source.

We chose to build the studio around this space as by nature it offered the sonic richness desired by recording engineers.

As you would expect, these great conditions are complimented with a stellar microphone collection to suit.

This studio is built with the art of recording in mind. We truly want to be in a space where stunning records can be built from the ground up.

This is where the approach to design and build has come from, above all of which has all been carried out in house.

It is only natural that we synergised this by building into our instrumental backline.

Artists want to sound authentic and represent in reality how they hear their music. That's something we assist with by offering a beautifully wide and varied palet of tone coming directly from our instruments.

We would love to share this with you!