Thank you for taking some time to find out about myself, my craft and what I bring to artists & studio projects.

My name is Ed Hall and I am an Audio & Mastering Engineer/Record Producer coming out of the small working class towns of NorthWest England.

I've been practicing Audio Engineering and Record Production for a near-life-time and continue to do so from two independent facilities as an Audio Engineer, Record Producer, Session Musician and dedicated Mastering Engineer.

My love is to build music from the ground up, being as present as possible for every moment I am invited on board; giving the right tools, skills and input at the right time to bring artistic visions to life and in doing so give the piece of art all it needs to create itself. This craft has now taken most of my life to study and practice. I continue to grow this base each and every day to make every moment of every track/piece of art/project as deeply rich and fulfilling as it can possibly be within our hands.

For more info you're welcome to check out my website.