Control Room

At the heart of the control room lies an original 1980's Trident Series 80 30-channel split-line console. This console is over 40 years old, built in London in the 1980's before Trident's migration to the US; this thing spent most of its working life in and around the Baltics before making its way back to the UK to fulfil a new chapter at All Silk Recording Studio.

All 30 channel strips feature mic/line inputs, send/return to dynamics (or otherwise) and original parametric Trident EQ which offers stunning tonal flexibility on what should be a stunning sounding source.

From there via the patch bay we offer a whole load of routing flexibility for near-any scenario.

Adjoining the desk is a side car full of flexibile and creative tools that sound fantastic. One feature of this is a US made De Lisle amp selector which allows up to 8 amplifier heads in the control room to be connected to up to 8 speaker cabinets in the live room with flexible routing possibilities (i.e. one guitar head sent to up to 8 speaker cabinets and vice versa). Use our beautiful collection of amp heads or entirely your own, it's all easily routed into the system.

While we would recommend starting with a guitar head and cab in the live room to begin tone refinement once you have achieved a base tone things can then be moved to the control room where everything you need will be within reach to run guitar sessions.

Via patch bay we offer 18 channels of dynamics outboard, 2 channels of Thermoionic Tube Pre-Amps and an Avalon U5 line Pre-Amp.

Dynamics outboard is offered in the way of 6 channels Drawmer, 4 channels of SPL Transient Designer, 2 channels Bellari US made tube compression, 4 channels of BSS de-esser compression and 2 channels of Drawmer LX20 compression. These cover all kinds of compression flavour from solid state clean line signal to gritty colourful tube compression and a whole lot more.

Monitoring is of huge importance to us, as all of the conditions leading to the monitoring have to be represented well in full range on a system that is enjoyable to work on.

Our main Mid-Field monitors are a pair of Miller & Kreisel 2510's split into a Pre-Sonus T8 SUB. On order are soon to be arriving Trident HG3 monitors also, which we're extremely excited to hear. Trident on Trident!

Lastly for computing softwares we use a Carillon Core 4 using excellent high powered specs to run high resolution heavy sessions.

This machine uses an Intel 12900K Alder Lake Processor with 16 cores and 24 Threads at 3.2GHz-5.1GHz, 64GB DD4 RAM with Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. We happily and humbly use standard pro tools; freelancers are welcome to bring in their own computer or install anything needed to this machine and are welcome to use our pro tools rig.

Adjoining the main Control Room area is a comfortable gaming wing/lounge overlooking the live room from a homely sofa. There is a SNES, PS1 and PS2 with a bunch of classic games for enjoyment.